books i want to read

I spotted this with Jenny in the Bookshop on the Water, by King’s Cross.

Of course I want to read Jay’s poetry!

ICYMI, a thread about ❤️ and lifelong partnership.

And I can’t believe I forgot to plug my favorite couples book of all time at the end of my thread.

“Getting the Love You Want” by Harville and Helen Hendrix:…

Danielle Leong:

“I’m reading “Burnout” by @emilynagoski and never have my twitter habits been so called out before

CN Lester:

This is a very good day to buy a copy of the award-winning “Black and British: A Forgotten History” by David Olusoga. And if you’ve already read it, buy it for somebody else. First 5 people to reply here get a copy:

Schrodinger’s Kitten:

Have you read death’s end trilogy, cixin liu? Big ideas and Chinese (though obvs I read in translation)

i really loved reading something set in a culture I know little about. the history of the 60s with the translators notes was fascinating, and the author just introduced it like we all know about struggle sessions. (warning: first chapter is traumatic, it gets less so)

Recommended by Gemma Tracey over lunch.

Recommended by David MacIver.


this blew up so: 1. I wrote a book called How To Be Alone, I recommend buying it from indie bookstores, ideally Black owned indie bookstores. 2. KEEP WEARING UR MASKS AND STAYING INSIDE. Even if we feel like gaslit losers, at least we know we’re not alone.

Recommended by a bookseller in Blackwells Oxford when I was buying the latest Becky Chambers novella (August 2019).

@alexwlchan Have you read Built by @RomaTheEngineer? Seems like it might be a good time to!

Recommended by Jenny, who’s just read and enjoyed it.

I’m currently reading “The Origins of Inequality” and honestly I can’t think of a more on brand book for me to be reading than “Here is how to use mathematics to understand gender”.

Just had a massive “Oh shit that’s what’s going on” moment reading this book. About 60% through so thoughts still gathering, but I think this book is going to get rated “strongest recommend” when I’m done.

OK, so I’ve just finished reading “The Origins of Unfairness” by Cailin O’Connor. Here’s a little thread about it.

First off: Strong recommend. Requires a little bit of maths, and it would help if you’ve some exposure to theorising about gender but it’s reasonably gentle on both

Recommended by Gemma Tracey over lunch.

I won’t lie, I’m unlikely to pick up a maths textbook again – but noting this as one in case I do. It’s “short, good enough, and […] very cheap rather than the best choice ever” ~ David MacIver

Seems like this could be a great bit of research for my Git plumbing workshop at ACCU.

Mar Hicks:

Read This Book About Nazis: Defying Hitler (and all the ways to fail at it)

I found a preview in Google Books while looking for something else.

Seems more like an academic textbook; over $250!

Suggestion of Sarah Barnes:

Having a nice coffee and reading @emilyadawson’s excellent book. (Thanks @QMLibrary!)

I’ve borrowed a copy from David MacIver, which he lent me a while back when I was figuring out more gender stuff.

The recommendation from him and Alex is to skim it for interesting, but I may not need to read it all in detail.

Recommended by Kathy.

I saw a review of this in an issue of Rail magazine (see photo from 25 Nov 2019).

@alexwlchan I liked [On the Beach] but found it so uptight! It was an interesting portrait of 1950’s Australian mores. I recommend “We” by Yevgenii Zamyatin

Fiona Longmuir:

Everything I’ve made from this book has been unbelievable. Bought a copy for my mum because I love it so much. DO IT.

Jonathan Whiteland:

Great post! Are you familiar with Iain Banks’ “The Bridge”? I read it on one of my last visits to Edinburgh and the bridges.

I’m not sure who retweeted this into my feed, but check out the amazing launch video:

my kidlit trans and enby fam came together for a #DontRushChallenege to help me celebrate Felix Ever After’s release!!

Felix has: -a trans, queer, Black MC -a whole lot of self-love -summer art camp rivalry -a happy ending 💖

buy Felix Ever After here:… (video)

David: “I promise I’m not inviting you to join my cult by recommending this”

Recommended by somebody in the support group.

Rob Smallshire:

Have you read The Organised Mind by Daniel Levitin? It’s pretty good on this stuff.

[this stuff] = managing life-admin type tasks

Cited by Mike Schur as inspiration for Chidi’s speech in The Good Place:

Preparing for [the finale of The Good Place], I went back to that stuff, and I read more about Buddhism and Hinduism, which are wonderful.

I read this book that I’m holding now, The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching, by Thich Nhat Hanh, who’s a Vietnamese guy. I think he might have won the Nobel Peace Prize? If not he should have – ah, he was nominated by Martin Luther King Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize and apparently didn’t win.

Spotted at Julia G’s house.

“an absolutely wonderful book I wished I’d read 10 or 15 years before I did” ~

Ta-da! Delighted to share the cover for #WhatWhitePeopleCanDoNext. WWPCDN is full of surprises and I think this cover alludes to that so beautifully. I love it so much 💜


James Wong:

The Houseplant Expert by Dr DG Hessayon is hands down the best houseplant book out there.

Taught me all I know from age 8. Still never been beaten.

(He’s basically the Attenborough of gardening)


“Pixar Storytelling” is one of my favorite screenwriting books. It’s not specific to animation. All screenwriters can benefit from reading it. It breaks down storytelling techniques and principles using Pixar films. So helpful.

Spotted in Blackwells in Oxford.

CN Lester:

@XTaffi and @megjohnbarker have written a book that explores all kinds of false divisions, including the increasing harmful ‘non-binary vs. binary’ binary (what a mouthful): They explain it better than I can - read!

My book is out today! If you find yourself having a body—or rather, being a body—it might be for you. Can I tell you some stories and ideas in it? They start with the question packed into the cover design itself: +

Mentioned by somebody in the #genderfluid channel in the LGBTQ in Tech Slack.

I took a photo of this in Homerton Library, in Hackney.

I was lucky enough to be sent an advance copy of @Glamrou’s “Unicorn” - it’s out in October this year, and you should not only add it to your pre-order list, but make sure to get another copy for any young queer person/queer youth group you know:

Recommended by Emily Meredith

Recommended by somebody in the #genderfluid channel in the LGBTQ in Tech Slack. “Reading Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl and loving it. I will report back when finished as well, but I assume you will all have bought it by the end of reading this sentence. You are welcome.”

Recommended by David MacIver