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If I Have To Be Haunted

author: Miranda Sun (2023)
date read: 20 March 2024
rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

A romance in which Zach (a new ghost) and Cara (a ghost speaker) travel to a magical realm where they have to face various challenges to try to resurrect him.

It was fine and has a bunch of interesting ideas, but it felt a bit simplistic and I was confused by some of the structure – they keep looking for “thresholds” that will allow them to progress, but I’m still not entirely sure what those are or why they’re important.

The book is clearly a set up for a series, and I’ll probably get the other books from the library if/when they’re released, but I’m not impatient to get them.

All that said, this was the first book I read in a month, and it was a chill read to get back into books.

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