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Gender Euphoria

author: Maia Kobabe (2019)
date read: 22 August 2023
rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

An interesting memoir about somebody’s experience of gender. There were definitely points of resonance in eir story – the conflicting thoughts of asexuality, and I got hints of neurodivergence and masking (even if the author never uses either of those terms). The gender stuff didn’t resonate quite as strongly, but our experiences of compulsory gender come from different places.

The artwork is good and fits the story nicely; the narrative was a bit choppy but I was able to follow it.

I like that it was a memoir, and didn’t try to be more – it was just the author’s experience of gender and identity, and e didn’t try to write a more complete or comprehensive guide. (Which has been a persistent annoyance in some of the books we’ve read for ace book club.)

One of my favourite bits was eir metaphor of gender as wandering in a landscape, which matches a lot of how I think about these things.

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