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Again Again

author: E. Lockhart (2020)
date read: 12 March 2023
rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

This is an interesting book with aspects of a “what if” story, exploring what happens to the protagonist in different universes. Adelaide is having a difficult summer – she’s failing class, living apart from a brother who’s in rehab, her boyfriend broke up with her, and she’s maybe navigating new love.

It reminded me of Constellations (and indeed, it’s explicitly acknowledged at the end) – although I don’t think it’s as good. It doesn’t visit as many alternative branches, and I struggled to follow at a few points. Particularly if we went down a larger branch, I couldn’t always see where we’d diverged from the previous narratives.

There are some interesting thoughts on relationships – not just romantic, but also siblings, friends, families.

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