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Count Your Lucky Stars (Written in the Stars, #3)

author: Alexandria Bellefleur (2022)
date read: 3 April 2022
rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

This is the sequel to Written in the Stars and Hang the Moon, in a way that presumably ties off the trilogy – all the main characters are now paired off and have their happily ever after. This romance novel follows Margot connecting with her first love Olivia – and estranged friend of eleven years – when a series of coincidences brings them back together.

It’s still sweet and charming, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two books. Margot and Olivia already have feelings for one another, and the book is about them learning to talk about it – rather than watching them fall in love. I was less invested in their relationship because I never got to see it grow.

I felt more about the friendships between Margot and the established cast, than about the romance between her and Olivia. We still get flashes of Elle, Darcy, Brendon, and Annie – enough to enjoy, not so much as to be distracting.

I feel like I’m picking nits in a book I still quite enjoyed, and I’m glad to have finished the series – this sticks the landing for the series as a whole – but I do think it’s the weakest of the three.

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