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Welwyn’s Railways

authors: The Revd. Tim W. Gladwin, Peter W. Neville, Douglas E. White (1986)
date read: 18 December 2020
rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Fun to read a book about Welwyn’s railways that’s now over 30 years old. Some things are very familiar and are still around today; others have changed massively in that time. HSTs are still modern and current, Welwyn itself is much smaller, Thameslink doesn’t exist even in name.

One quote right at the end I enjoyed:

No announcements have been made regarding any possible replcement of the Class 313 inner suburban be capable of coping with this traffic for several more years.

In fact, the units remained in service for another another 33 years.


British Railways have recently announced that that the through Snowhill Tunnel is to be reopened and some trains from Bedford will then run via Kentish Town, Farringdon and Blackfriars to East Croydon. Gauging tests have also been carried out as part of the feasibility study into reinstating services on the small radius curves from Kings Cross towards Farringdon. Perhaps, therefore, Welwyn North passengers will be able one day to travel direct to Blackfriars, Elephant & Castle, Croydon, and beyond into the depths of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

This is what would eventually become Thameslink.

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