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The Healthy Programmer

author: Joe Kutner (2013)
date read: February 2017
rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Some useful, practical advice. Nothing massively surprising – these is all fairly well-known advice, although it’s nice to have it with all the references. Even if you don’t follow the detailed regimes, there are small improvements to be had in many areas.

One thing I like is that it emphasises making healthy habits sustainable – it doesn’t just shame you for being unhealthy and push you straight to an extreme fitness regime, but talks about how to build it up slowly. Little and often.

A lot of advice in this book isn’t programmer-specific, and could apply to many office professions. Although it points to programmers as examples, and sometimes relates ideas to programming practices, it’s sufficiently generic that I could (and will) recommend it to non-programmers.

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